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  • ReelViews for movies starring 'Bill Nighy'

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    Run Time: 2:03
    U.S. Release Date: 2013-11-01
    MPAA Rating: "R" (Sexual Content, Profanity)
    Director: Richard Curtis
    Cast: Domhall Gleeson, Rachel McAdams, Bill Nighy, ...

    Time travel stories are tricky things. Although ...

    Run Time: 1:37
    U.S. Release Date: 2011-11-23
    MPAA Rating: "PG"
    Genre: ANIMATED
    Director: Sarah Smith
    Cast: (voices) James McAvoy, Hugh Laurie, Bill Nighy, ...

    When it comes to Christmas movies, although most ...

    Run Time: 2:04
    U.S. Release Date: 2012-05-04
    MPAA Rating: "PG-13" (Sexual Content, Profanity)
    Director: John Madden
    Cast: Judi Dench, Tom Wilkinson, Bill Nighy Penelope Wilson, ...

    The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel is one of those ...

    Run Time: 2:09
    U.S. Release Date: 2005-08-31
    MPAA Rating: "R" (Violence, Profanity, Sexual Situations, Nudity)
    Genre: THRILLER
    Director: Fernando Meirelles
    Cast: Ralph Fiennes, Rachel Weisz, Danny Huston, ...

    For his follow-up to City of God, Brazilian ...

    Run Time: 1:25
    U.S. Release Date: 2006-11-03
    MPAA Rating: "PG" (Profanity)
    Genre: ANIMATED
    Director: David Bowers, Sam Fell
    Cast: (voices) Hugh Jackman, Kate Winslet, Ian McKellan, ...

    In the past few years, CGI animated films have ...

    Run Time: 1:29
    U.S. Release Date: 2009-07-24
    MPAA Rating: "PG" (Violence)
    Director: Hoyt Yeatman
    Cast: Zach Galifianakis, Kelli Garner, Bill Nighy, ...

    I feel bad for Hoyt Yeatman. I really do, ...

    Run Time: 1:43
    U.S. Release Date: 2005-04-29
    MPAA Rating: "PG" (Violence)
    Director: Garth Jennings
    Cast: Martin Freeman, Stephen Fry (voice), Alan Rickman (voice), ...

    For those who are fans of Douglas Adams' ...

    Run Time: 1:32
    U.S. Release Date: 2014-01-24
    MPAA Rating: "PG-13" (Violence, Profanity)
    Genre: ACTION
    Director: Stuart Beattie
    Cast: Aaron Eckhart, Yvonne Strahovski, Bill Nighy, ...

    "From the producers of Underworld." Hmmm. Is that...

    Run Time: 1:54
    U.S. Release Date: 2013-03-01
    MPAA Rating: "PG-13" (Violence)
    Director: Bryan Singer
    Cast: Nicholas Hoult, Eleanor Tomlinson, Ewan McGregor, ...

    Jack the Giant Slayer is an enjoyable fantasy/...

    Run Time: 2:09
    U.S. Release Date: 2003-11-07
    MPAA Rating: "R" (Sexual Situations, Nudity, Profanity)
    Director: Richard Curtis
    Cast: Hugh Grant, Billy Bob Thornton, Emma Thompson, ...

    Love Actually doesn't have a cynical frame in its ...