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  • ReelViews for movies directed by 'Paul Verhoeven'

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    Run Time: 2:10
    U.S. Release Date: 1992-03-20
    MPAA Rating: "R" (Sexual Situations, Violence, Nudity, Profanity, Drugs)
    Genre: THRILLER
    Director: Paul Verhoeven
    Cast: Michael Douglas, Sharon Stone, George Dzundza, ...

    In my original, unpublished review of Basic ...

    Run Time: 2:25
    U.S. Release Date: 2007-04-04
    MPAA Rating: "R" (Violence, Sexual Situations, Nudity, Profanity)
    Director: Paul Verhoeven
    Cast: Carice van Houten, Sebastian Koch, Thom Hoffman, ...

    In the 1980s and 1990s, Paul Verhoeven made a name...

    Run Time: 2:10
    U.S. Release Date: 2016-11-11
    MPAA Rating: "R" (Violence, Profanity, Sexual Content, Nudity)
    Genre: Thriller
    Director: Paul Verhoeven
    Cast: Isabelle Huppert, Laurent Lafitte, Anne Consigny, ...

    This offbeat revenge-thriller offers suspense and mystery that are a cut above anything currently being churned out by the studios.

    Run Time: 1:45
    U.S. Release Date: 2000-08-04
    MPAA Rating: "R" (Violence, Profanity, Nudity, Sexual Situations)
    Genre: HORROR
    Director: Paul Verhoeven
    Cast: Elisabeth Shue, Kevin Bacon, Josh Brolin, ...

    It is my fondest dream that some day filmmakers ...

    Run Time: 1:42
    U.S. Release Date: 1987-07-17
    MPAA Rating: "R" (Violence, Profanity, Nudity)
    Director: Paul Verhoeven
    Cast: Peter Weller, Nancy Allen, Daniel O'Herlihy, ...

    Robocop was among the biggest surprises of 1987 - ...

    Run Time: 2:11
    U.S. Release Date: 1995-09-22
    MPAA Rating: "NC-17" (Nudity, Sexual Situations, Profanity, Violence)
    Genre: DRAMA
    Director: Paul Verhoeven
    Cast: Elizabeth Berkley, Kyle MacLachlan, Glenn Plummer, ...

    In 1990, the MPAA introduced the NC-17 rating to ...

    Run Time: 2:09
    U.S. Release Date: 1997-11-07
    MPAA Rating: "R" (Violence, Profanity, Sexual Situations, Nudity)
    Director: Paul Verhoeven
    Cast: Casper Van Dien, Patrick Muldoon, Seth Gilliam, ...

    Whenever a motion picture tackles a literary ...

    Total Recall is not a typical Arnold ...