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  • ReelViews for movies with music written by 'Hans Zimmer'

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    Run Time: 2:13
    U.S. Release Date: 2013-10-18
    MPAA Rating: "R" (Violence, Disturbing Images, Nudity, Sexual Content)
    Genre: DRAMA
    Director: Steve McQueen
    Cast: Chiwetel Ejiofor, Michael Fassbander, Lupita Nyong'o, ...

    12 Years a Slave, sure to be a heavy hitter when ...

    Run Time: 2:22
    U.S. Release Date: 2014-05-02
    MPAA Rating: "PG-13" (Violence, Profanity)
    Director: Marc Webb
    Cast: Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx, ...

    It takes something lackluster like The Amazing ...

    Run Time: 2:14
    U.S. Release Date: 2009-05-15
    MPAA Rating: "PG-13" (Violence)
    Genre: THRILLER
    Director: Ron Howard
    Cast: Tom Hanks, Ewan McGregor, Ayelet Zurer, ...

    The term "godawful" should be used sparingly in ...

    Run Time: 2:18
    U.S. Release Date: 1997-12-25
    MPAA Rating: "PG-13" (Profanity, Violence, Nudity, Violence)
    Director: James L. Brooks
    Cast: Jack Nicholson, Helen Hunt, Greg Kinnear, ...

    As Good as It Gets is a perfect Christmas release...

    Run Time: 2:20
    U.S. Release Date: 2005-06-15
    MPAA Rating: "PG-13" (Violence)
    Director: Christopher Nolan
    Cast: Christian Bale, Tom Wilkinson, Cillian Murphy, ...

    Of all the major comic book characters to ...

    Run Time: 2:34
    U.S. Home Release Date: 2016-07-19
    MPAA Rating: "PG-13" (Violence, Profanity)
    Genre: Action/Adventure
    Director: Zack Snyder
    Cast: Ben Affleck, Scoot McNairy, Laurence Fishburne, ...

    "Batman v Superman" revels in apocalyptic visuals, death, destruction, mayhem, and brutality.

    Run Time: 2:23
    U.S. Release Date: 2002-01-18
    MPAA Rating: "R" (Violence)
    Director: Ridley Scott
    Cast: Josh Hartnett, Ewan McGregor, Tom Sizemore, ...

    1998's Saving Private Ryan introduced a new era of...

    Run Time: 1:48
    U.S. Release Date: 1996-02-09
    MPAA Rating: "R" (Violence, Profanity)
    Director: John Woo
    Cast: John Travolta, Christian Slater, Samantha Mathis, ...

    By another name, Broken Arrow is Speed gone ...

    Run Time: 2:00
    U.S. Release Date: 2015-03-06
    MPAA Rating: "R" (Violence, Profanity)
    Director: Neill Blomkamp
    Cast: Sigourney Weaver, Hugh Jackman, Jose Pablo Cantillo, ...

    Chappie, the latest science fiction endeavor from ...

    Run Time: 1:55
    U.S. Release Date: 1995-05-12
    MPAA Rating: "R" (Violence, Profanity)
    Genre: THRILLER
    Director: Tony Scott
    Cast: Denzel Washington, Gene Hackman, George Dzundza, ...

    Crimson Tide is a white-knuckler with a cop-out ...