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    You've Got Mail (2010 Jul 18)

    It was early September 1985 - the day after Labor Day, to be precise - when I looked down at the little piece of paper and tried to intuit what it meant: "Username:; Password (temporary): classof1989." Several days later, ...

    You Don't Agree with Me Enough! (2008 Mar 24)

    Recently, as I was aimlessly surfing the net, moving from movie site to movie site, I stopped at one I infrequently visit and decided to spend some time peruse everything it has to offer. I discovered a "links" page that provides jumping-off points ...

    Yes, Virginia... (2008 Dec 22)

    Permit me a day's respite from my usual cynicism to wallow in sentimentality. Oh, and today's column isn't recommended for children under the age of about 10. 35 years ago, I was a believer. That didn't make me unique. I was one among many. The ...

    Writer's Impediment (2006 Oct 30)

    Writer's block has never been a problem for me. When there are long lags between ReelThoughts entries it's usually one of three things: I'm taking a break, I'm busy doing other things, or I have some sort of temporary infirmity that is limiting my ...

    Wrapping Up the 1980s (2009 Sep 03)

    After spending more than a half-year wading through memories, recollections, and movies from the period of 1980 through 1989, I have had an opportunity to take a new look at an old decade. Personally, it represented my coming of age - I grew up ...

    Worms and Viruses (2004 Jan 27)

    Just a quick note for anyone who may be sending me an e-mail in the near future (or has recently sent one). As a result of the latest virus, my mailbox is being flooded with hundreds of infected e-mails. Although my anti-virus software keeps my ...

    Wolverine Versus the Pirates (2009 Apr 10)

    Let me start with a disclaimer: In no way do I condone or support the illegal downloading of copies of the Wolverine work print. Although I am fully cognizant of where and how to download it, I have not done so nor will I do so in the future. ...

    Without a Dead Parrot (2005 Apr 24)

    So is "Spamalot" a series of "Monty Python" skits interrupted by irreverent musical numbers? Or is it an irreverent musical interrupted by "Monty Python" skits? The answer will probably depend on what your perspective is. This "new musical ...

    Winter Changes (2006 Jan 04)

    Every January/February, I make alterations to ReelViews. Some are small, almost unnoticeable except to the obsessive reader. Others are big, and will catch the attention of someone who visits infrequently. Those hoping for a massive site re-design ...

    Winning through Losing (2010 Oct 18)

    Hopefully, this entire column won't be about sports (or, rather, one sport in particular). There is a larger message in here somewhere; I only hope I'm able to bring it out.I started watching baseball on television in 1973 during the summer between ...

    Why the Ship Won't Sink (2006 Mar 31)

    Originally, I was going to post this tomorrow. Upon remembering that April 1 is not the best day to post anything, I decided to get it up today. So don't expect any postings tomorrow. I'll take April Fool's Day off - that way no one will have to ...

    Why It's Still Necessary to Go to Theaters (Sometimes) (2004 Jan 12)

    When I line up the pros and cons of getting in my car and driving to a theater, I occasionally ask myself why I bother. The main reason (aside from my being a film critic, which, admittedly, is a huge factor) is impatience. And I'm not the only one...

    Whither ReelThoughts? (2004 May 30)

    I have received a number of e-mails inquiring whether I have given up on ReelThoughts. The answer is "no," but, in terms of priorities, this column doesn't occupy a high space. With respect to the site, it's in third place, behind reviews of new ...

    Which STAR WARS? (2005 May 04)

    Will the real Star Wars please stand up? When we speak of Star Wars, which version are we actually referring to? Thus far, there have been four distinct editions, with one or two more likely. Let me identify them individually:(1) The original ...

    Where's the Wisecracking Donkey? (2008 Jun 27)

    Any other week, I might be rhapsodizing about the pure fun of watching something as deliciously violent and adrenaline-charged as Wanted. While it's true that Wanted is a cauldron of relentless entertainment, it's not the best movie opening this ...

    Where's the Damn Spider-Man 3 Review? (2007 Apr 29)

    The "where" is actually a "when," and the answer to that question is sometime on Friday. The question that naturally follows is "why?" Why Friday, when half the movie-review websites already have the review posted and the rest will have it up ...

    Where the Links Are (2009 Jul 10)

    How the Web has changed in just a few years…I have noticed that e-mail is fast becoming passé. It takes some remembering to recall when it was the newest, hottest thing in communication. Now, it's often viewed as a step up from the telegraph. ...