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6. SPOILERS: First, it's necessary to define a "spoiler." This is problematic since there's no consistent definition. For purposes of this site, consider it to be the revelation of any significant plot element. Be conservative when determining whether or not something is "significant." If you think something might be a spoiler, treat it as one. For how long after a movie is released should something be considered a spoiler? Again, there's no clear answer. My rule-of-thumb is that the statute of limitations expires one year after a film's theatrical release (in the United States) or six months after its home video release, whichever comes later. For major plot developments, add another six months to a year. Again, err on the side of caution. How to address SPOILERS in comments: Use the word "SPOILER" (in caps) and provide at least 5-10 lines of white space before mentioning the spoiler. 

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