Video Views Extra: New Review of an Older Movie

Helped to define not only the filmography of Andy Sidaris, but the 80s exploitation subgenre that became popular in drive-ins and video stores.

Run Time: 1:26
U.S. Home Release Date: 2024-07-11
MPAA Rating: "R" (Violence, Nudity, Profanity)
Genre: Horror
Director: John Erick Dowdle
Cast: Ben Messmer, Stacy Chbosky, Ivar Brogger, Lou George, Michael Lawson, Samantha Robson

For all its skill at mimicry, it has nothing to say and no real story to tell. It’s as ephemeral as it is unpleasant – a rancid little curiosity whose impressions are easily flushed.

Run Time: 1:48
U.S. Home Release Date: 2024-06-27
MPAA Rating: "PG-13" (Violence, Sexual Content)
Genre: Comedy
Director: Eric Appel
Cast: Daniel Radcliffe, Rainn Wilson, Julianne Nicholson, Toby Huss, Evan Rachel Wood, Arturo Castro

A breath of fresh air blowing through the staleness of the modern musical bio-pic genre.

Run Time: 1:15
U.S. Home Release Date: 2024-06-13
MPAA Rating: "NR"
Genre: Horror
Director: James Whale
Cast: Boris Karloff, Colin Clive, Valerie Hobson, Ernest Thesiger, Elsa Lanchester, Una O’Connor, O.P. Heggie, Dwight Frye

Without a question the best sequel in the classic Universal monster cycle, it ranks alongside "Frankenstein" (if not slightly above it) at the apex.

Run Time: 1:45
U.S. Home Release Date: 2024-06-06
MPAA Rating: "R" (Profanity, Violence, Nudity)
Genre: Action/Comedy
Director: Martin Brest
Cast: Eddie Murphy, Judge Reinhold, John Ashton, Lisa Eilbacher, Ronny Cox, Steven Berkoff, James Russo, Jonathan Banks

There is enough humor in the mix to elevate "Beverly Hills Cop" above the level of a staple 80s action film.

Cliched dramatic stories aside, the movie has a gritty charm and overall likeability that makes it worth revisiting

Run Time: 1:42
U.S. Home Release Date: 2024-05-14
MPAA Rating: "R" (Violence, Gore, Profanity, Sexual Content, Nudity)
Genre: Horror/Thriller
Director: William Malone
Cast: Stephen Dorff, Natascha McElhone, Stephen Rea, Jeffrey Combs

It hurts to search for logic in the wreckage of a screenplay that feels like it was cut into tiny pieces and glued back together in some random order.

Run Time: 1:33
U.S. Home Release Date: 2024-05-10
MPAA Rating: "PG" (Sexual Content)
Genre: Drama/Musical
Director: Sylvester Stallone

"Staying Alive" is only about trying to breathe life into the then-fading career of John Travolta and making money off a recognizable title.

Run Time: 1:50
U.S. Home Release Date: 2024-05-03
MPAA Rating: "PG" (Violence, Sexual Content, Profanity)
Genre: Science Fiction/Adventure
Director: Willard Huyck
Cast: Lea Thompson, Jeffrey Jones, Tim Robbins, Ed Gale, Chip Zien

This was a bad movie when it was released. It is a bad movie today. And it will continue to be a bad movie long after this planet ceases to exist.

The format is dated but, curiously, that may be the best reason to watch it in the first place.