Big Implications of a Little Screen (2018 Apr 14)

Big screens, small screens - what home theater has become in 2018.

More Than a Century of Scares (2018 Mar 07)

A brief chronology of horror movies through the years - from the silent era to the PG-13 and "Found Footage" flavors.

Creature Double Feature: An Appreciation (2018 Mar 02)

Reminiscences about old monster movies and how I first saw them - the infamous (and now defunct) Saturday afternoon TV show, "Creature Double Feature."

The 90th Academy Awards Ballot, Berardinelli Edition (2018 Feb 26)

My fearless predictions for the 2018 Oscars - try not to laugh.

Dead Again (2018 Jan 31)

The lives and deaths, rises and falls, of the two longest-lived TV science fiction series: "Star Trek" and "Doctor Who".

Stars, Thumbs, and Veggies (2018 Jan 22)

Sizing up the ratings game and what it all means.