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Ranking Pixar Films by Tier 
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Post Re: Ranking Pixar Films by Tier
The main thing with Wall-E is that it's one of the Pixar movies that is in some ways explicitly topical. More-so than say Monsters Inc or Finding Nemo. I don't see it as anti-capitalist and its view on the human race may be grimmer than what one might expect from a family movie. But I've seen many films with flat-out nihilistic view of humanity and Wall-E is nowhere near that.

It's obvious enough that the film was intended as a sort of comment on the materialistic narcissistic horror that that decade ultimately devolved into. This means that it might be the Pixar movie that doesn't age that well. But it still has enough heart to still matter. Much like the original Shrek. I re-watched it not too long ago for the first time in a few years and noted that parts of it have not aged well at all. The topical references, many of them anyway, ceased being topical around the time Shrek made it to DVD, the smartass approach to family animation was new then but has been done to death and some parts simply weren't funny then and have not gotten funny over time. Yet enough still works for it to still be recommended.

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Post Re: Ranking Pixar Films by Tier
I don't like the tier approach, and this illustrates why. With a couple of exceptions, Pixar films are all very good (except Cars), so this list tends toward excellence. But anyway:

Toy Story 2
Toy Story 3
The Incredibles
Toy Story

Really Good
A Bug's Life
Monsters Inc.
Monsters University



Not So Good

I haven't seen Cars 2.

They also do short films:

La Luna
Tin Toy
Geri's Game
One Man Band

Really Good:
Luxo Jr.
The Blue Umbrella

For the Birds
Partly Cloudy
Night and Day
Knick Knack

Not Good:

Not seen: Red's Dream

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Post Re: Ranking Pixar Films by Tier
PeachyPete wrote:
NotHughGrant wrote:
I don't see how you don't see. I don't like to use the term "burden on the system" about any individual, but on a national balance sheet, or course they are.

An old-age pension is about £8,000 a year. It costs about £25,000 a year to keep someone in care.

+ the health costs of old age for (none self-inflicted) age related illnesses. Cancer more prevalent in old age for example

This isn't rocket science

Glad you said that. So what you're saying is the older someone gets the less healthy they get, right? In other words, life expectancy isn't proof of overall health.


PeachyPete wrote:
you can't cite life expectancy as proof that health is doing just fine on one hand and then call old people a burden on the system on the other. Those two ideas completely contradict each other.

I can't even remember what the hell my POV was now!

... because I'm a wild animal

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