A New Sample Chapter


It begins thus: "Sorial lay in one of the inn’s beds, ordered by a healer to 'convalesce' for a minimum of three days before he could return to light duty. The right side of his face was heavily bandaged and the wound had caused his eye to swell shut. His chest hurt where the intruder's boot had held him down, although the healer proclaimed he hadn’t broken any ribs. Warburm was unhappy about the temporary loss of his best stableboy. Visnisk was even less happy since he now had to work double shifts, giving him perhaps six hours off each day. Not having seen the incident or its aftermath, he believed Sorial to be a malingerer."

After several months in which Chapter One has been the lone exposure to The Last Whisper of the Gods on-line, Chapter Two has now joined it.  I will post one chapter per week until the book's publication, marking at total of six. Approximate post dates will be: Chapter Three - 10/18/15, Chapter Four - 10/21/15, Chapter Five - 10/28/15, and Chapter Six - 10/31/15. If you're sufficiently interested/invested in the story by that time, you'll have to buy the book to read the rest.

While Chapter One introduced Sorial and several of the book's characters, Chapter Two continues to fill out the roster. The most notable addition is Alicia, the daughter of one of Vantok's most influential dukes. Vagrum, who was introduced in the short story "The Warrior", also makes appeareance, as does Sorial's mother. The chapter also resolves the cliffhanger ending of Chapter One.

Links to Chapters One and Two can be found to the left. Enjoy!