Chapter Three


The third sample chapter has been posted. Called "The King's Conscience," this deviates from the main plotline started in chapters one and two and introduces readers to Azarak, King of Vantok. It begins this way: "Why couldn’t he cry? Why wouldn’t the tears come? He touched her gently - the supple flesh still pliant, warm yet cooling to the touch. She hadn’t been dead long, and her passage from life had been peaceful - far more gentle than he expected for himself when his last hours came. For her, it had been an unawareness of slipping away, a quiet slide into final darkness. She had no reason to suppose that her husband would lace her bedtime drink with a lethal dose of poison for which there was no known antidote."

The fourth sample chapter, which will be posted toward the middle of the week (around October 21), will return to the Sorial/Alicia storyline.

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