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Over the years, I have received occasional e-mails from readers wondering if there was a way to send donations in order to support the site. Although I have always apprecated these offered, I have steadfastly rebuffed them, opting instead to rely on advertising revenue to keep ReelViews going. (The degree to which that has succeeded, especially of late with ad rates crashing through the floor, is the subject for a future ReelThought.) However, for those of you who would like to donate, the availability of The Last Whisper of the Gods offers an opportunity. If you pre-order or buy a copy at $2.99, about $2.00 of that ends up in my bank account. Plus, it's not a straight donation - you get something in return. Hopefully, it's something you'll read and enjoy.

Really, though, this isn't about money. I don't expect The Last Whisper of the Gods to become a big seller. I lack the marketing expertise to be able to "get the word out" (so to speak) which limits the audience. I wish I had the time and knowledge to market the book but with only 24 hours in a day (seven of which are wasted sleeping), there's only so much I can do: seeing movies, writing reviews, writing books, spending time with my family, doing my day job, etc.  The Last Whisper of the Gods was never intended to be a money-maker. My sincerest hope is that it will break even. For me, it's more about getting the story out there so people can delve into this world and spend some time with the characters. I have such fond memories of losing myself in books back when I had the time to indulge myself. My freshman year in college, I could spend six or seven hours straight devouring the fantasy that was available at the time. The thing that excites me is that there may be a few readers who, upon finishing The Last Whisper of the Gods, will be eagerly anticipating Volume 2.

The book is now available for pre order. Click on this link to go to the direct order page at

The book cover image will soon be updated to link to that page as well.