What's a Whisper?


"Whispers" are entries in a new blog I have created exclusively for subjects related to my non-review writings. At this time, it will be focused on The Last Whisper of the Gods and its sequels but, in the future, it may branch out to other writings since I don't intend for this trilogy to be my final foray into fictional writing. Unlike "ReelThoughts", which is highly structured, this will be a series of shorter posts. Some entries may just be a few sentences.

I'll use "Whispers" to make announcements, to answer questions, and to make (sometimes random) comments. Once the books are out, I may discuss why I chose to take the story in a particular way. I may post "outtakes" (there are a lot of those) or discuss backstory elements that didn't make it into the final versions. Mainly, though, this is an opportunity to communicate. "ReelThoughts" is formal; this will be informal. I like the idea of being able to sit down and throw together a post in a few minutes. (The shortest ReelThoughts posts take hours to assemble and edit.)