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May 01, 2019
A thought by James Berardinelli

“Are You Ever Going to Write Another ReelThoughts?”

It’s a common e-mail question I get – perhaps the most common. While it’s true that I rarely update the ReelThoughts tab at the ReelViews website, what many readers may be unaware of is that my ReelThoughts output is more prolific than it has ever been. I regularly write five entries per week but, instead of posting them to ReelViews, they go to the Patreon site I have set up to function as the official “ReelViews Membership Area.”

“ReelThoughts Daily,” as it is called, is published every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Each column is newly written and totals between 500 and 1000 words (with an average around 750 words, or about the length of a review). About 2/3 of the entries are related to movies in one way or another. The other 1/3 covers everything from television to music to sports. I generally avoid politics, although I have been known to dip my toe into that toxic vat from time-to-time. The only subject I won’t touch is religion. Box office analyses, previews of upcoming movies, pre-publication review excerpts, autobiographical series, and “best of/favorite” lists – these are a few of the things that can be found here.

Although the Patreon site offers numerous subscription levels (with the higher ones all including full access to ReelThoughts Daily along with other perks), there are two levels that cater exclusively to those who are interested only in the blog. Those who subscribe at the monthly $2 level get the Monday, Thursday, and Saturday editions. Monday is the weekly “Quick Thoughts” column. Thursday & Saturday are parts of a longer multi-week series. Those who subscribe at the $5 level add the Tuesday and Friday entries to the other three.

For those who are aware of the existence of ReelThoughts Daily, I can understand the reluctance to subscribe to something (even with a relatively low cost) sight-unseen. So, to provide an idea of what the $2 and $5 subscriptions offer, I will be providing free public access to the entries posted between May 6 and May 18. (Barring unforeseen complications, that should total ten daily ReelThoughts.) I won’t be changing or tailoring anything for the free period – these columns will be representative of what you would normally get.

Whether or not this results in an increase in subscribers, my hope is that it will at least make readers aware of the existence of this feature and provide a taste of what’s available. To those who are already members (at any level), you have my thanks. Your support allows me to continue to produce this content.

The direct URL to my Patreon page is: