Snow Globes/Linkage

January 24, 2004
A thought by James Berardinelli

I hadn't planned to write anything about the Golden Globes (sounds like it should be the name of a porn awards ceremony), since I have such a low opinion of awards shows in general, and this one in particular. (It's a small step up from the People's Choice Awards.) I have no plans to watch the program, but the results will be readily available, and my fiance will be stealing peeks at it (probably only to see Johnny Depp), so she can call me to the TV if anything remotely interesting occurs. However, because it looks like I will be snowbound for at least Monday (deferring my viewing of The Big Bounce to Saturday; I'll write the review during the Superbowl, which no longer interests me), I may have the opportunity to toss out a few opinions. On the other hand, I am duty-bound to write something about the Oscar nominations on Tuesday. Maybe I'll just tie the two together.


Phase I of the Great Links Reworking has been completed. Three new sites (Cash for CDs, Simply Scripts, and Moore Movies) have been added. The first one serves a useful need for anyone with unused CDs and DVDs hanging around, and the site makes things about as easy as imaginably possible to get some pocket change. Simply Scripts is pretty much what its name suggests. Moore Movies borrows graphics and formats from a wide range of sites (including this one), but the writing is solid, so the look is forgivable. No pictures or ads. :)

Several broken links have either been repaired or removed, depending on whether I could find a replacement. I also deep-sixed a few sites whose content had taken an nosedive in the past two years. As previously indicated, I intend to add about one new link per week. Then there's Phase II to consider. When I get around to it, which might not be for some time, each site will be rated in three categories: Frequency of Updates ([D]aily, W[eekly], [I]rregularly, [N]ever), Loading Speed ([F]ast, [A]verage, [S]low), and Pop-ups (Y/N). At this point, I intend to stay away from a content rating, since the purpose of ReelViews is to review movies, not sites. I'll leave that to someone else.