Rewinding 2023 - The Year in Film (2024 Jan 03)

Random thoughts about 2023, including the Top 10.

Rewinding 2022 - The Year in Review (Including Top 10 List) (2023 Jan 04)

A look back at 2022, including the Top 10 and Bottom 10 lists.

Rewinding 2021: The Year in Film (Including the Top 10) (2021 Dec 31)

Random thoughts on film in 2021. No discussion of the year's best performances (something I often do in end-of-the-year reflections), but the Top 10 is here.

Rewinding 2020: The Year in Movies (The Top 10) (2021 Jan 16)

A look back at 2020, including the Top 10 list.

Berardinelli's Ballot: The 2020 Oscars (2020 Feb 02)

If you're playing along at home, here are my predictions...

Rewinding 2019: The Year in Review (2019 Dec 31)

Random thoughts about movies, theaters, and the industry in 2019 plus the year's Top 10.

A Look Back at the 2010s (2019 Dec 26)

Some thoughts about the 2010 decade (2010-2019) and my Top 10 list.

The 2019 Halftime Top 10 (2019 Jul 31)

My choices for the best movies released theatrically during the period of January 1 - June 30, 2019.

ReelThoughts Daily Free Preview Information (2019 May 01)

There will be a free previous of the Patreon ReelThoughts Daily from May 6-18, 2019.

Berardinelli's Ballot: The 2019 Oscars (2019 Feb 17)

Time once again for my annual act of self-flagellation: predicting the Oscar winners.

Rewinding 2018 (Part Four): The Top 10 (2018 Dec 29)

Annual 2018 Top 10 list (plus four honorable mentions).

Rewinding 2018 (Part Three): Ten Memorable Performances (2018 Dec 28)

Ten 2018 performances that I remember (and eight of them are women).

Rewinding 2018 (Part Two): The Year's Biggest Turkeys (2018 Dec 27)

My choices for the Worst Films of the Year, 2018 edition.

Rewinding 2018 (Part One): An Overview (2018 Dec 26)

In this first of four parts, I provide an overview of how I saw 2018 in film, highlighting the "stories" I thought were the most significant.

Blaze of Glory (2018 Dec 14)

Death, as a strength and weakness, in the "Star Trek" and "Star Wars" franchises.

Fading Stars (2018 Nov 03)

Throughout the 1900s, if there was one principal that Hollywood adhered to, it was that movie stars sold movies. Yet, it the space of less than two decades, that has gone away.

My First Foursome (2018 Sep 20)

Fond reminiscences of the first four films I saw theatrically: "King Kong", "Star Wars", "Oh! God", and "Close Encounters of the Third Kind."