Movies starring Paul Muni

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I am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang

With a title like I am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang, one might be forgiven expecting an exploitation flick, but this relic from the pre-Code era is actually a damning indictment of the American justice system during the interwar period. Although fi...

Run Time: 1:33
U.S. Release Date: -
MPAA Rating: "NR" (Violence, Mature Content)
Genre: DRAMA
Director: Mervyn LeRoy
Cast: Paul Muni, Glenda Farrell, Helen Vinson, ...
Life of Emile Zola, The

The Life of Emile Zola was the second biographical motion picture to win the Best Picture Oscar, following the previous year's The Great Ziegfeld. Although The Great Ziegfeld was in many ways better received during the '30s - in part because of th...

Run Time: 1:56
U.S. Release Date: -
MPAA Rating: "NR"
Genre: DRAMA
Director: William Dieterle
Cast: Paul Muni, Joseph Schildkraut, Gloria Holden, ...