Movies with cinematographer Claudia Raschke

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Mad Hot Ballroom

Mad Hot Ballroom is about ballroom dancing in the same way that Spellbound is about spelling bees and Hoop Dreams is about basketball. That is to say, tangentially. Although ballroom dancing forms the backdrop against which this uplifting documen...

Run Time: 1:50
U.S. Release Date: 2005-05-13
MPAA Rating: "PG" (Nothing Objectionable)
Director: Marilyn Agrelo
Cast: The classes of PS 150, PS 115, and PS 112

There are three kinds of documentaries: those that lionize their subjects, those that attack their subjects, and those that attempt to provide a balanced, objective perspective. RBG, a cinematic biography of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Gi...

Run Time: 1:37
U.S. Release Date: 2018-05-04
MPAA Rating: "PG"
Genre: Documentary
Director: Julie Cohen, Betsy West
Cast: Ruth Bader Ginsburg