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  • The Curse in the Gift

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    by James Berardinelli

    As all ages begin, so must all ages end. The Age of Wonders, as men had come to call it, opened when the gods turned their attention from other matters to the world of Ayberia, where their creatures were spreading across the main continent and fashioning crude tools from the materials at hand. The Age of Wonders closed with the death of the gods. Nothing lasts forever and the gods, weary of the unending sameness of eternity, characterized by repetition and inactivity, simply decided to be no longer. For entities that had lasted since the dawn of time, the choice might have seemed precipitous, but they selected it with equanimity. Oblivion was an enviable state. Today, they were. Tomorrow, they would not be - not that the concept of time had any meaning for them. Tomorrows, todays, and yesterdays were much the same - an endless, unbroken cycle that would continue with or without them. They had set it in motion; they were not needed to keep it going.

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    World Map of the Last Whisper of the Gods

    World Map of the The Curse in the Gift

    World Map of the The Curse in the Gift

    James BerardinelliAuthor of The Curse in the Gift

    About James Berardinelli

    James Berardinelli began writing movie reviews on the Internet in 1992 - at a time when few people knew what the "Internet" was. Being educated as an electrical engineer gave him an inside track when it came to the concept of being "online." In the early days of 1996, he founded the site that would become known as reelviews.net. That has been his primary home for nearly two decades. Now, more than 3000 reviews later, he continues to go strong, having added radio and newspaper jobs to his resume. He has written for the Burlington County Times, the Chicago Sun-Times, and Playboy magazine. He was once cited by Roger Ebert as the "best online film critic." He has published two volumes of review compilations ("ReelViews" and "ReelViews 2") and was the longtime host of the movie club "Talk Cinema" in Voorhees, NJ. He is in the process of publishing his first fiction novel. Today, he can be heard weekly on WNPV and is a regular contributor to Sohaib Awan's Fictional Frontiers on WNJC. He is syndicated to about 20 web and print outlets worldwide through Westworld Media.

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