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Won't You Be My Neighbor?

To start out, I’ll dispense with the obligatory introduction describing the importance of Fred Rogers and his iconic TV show, “Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood,” to two generations of Americans. If you’re a Gen-Xer or a Millennial, you know ...

Run Time: 1:35
U.S. Release Date: 2018-06-08
MPAA Rating: "PG-13" (Profanity)
Genre: Documentary
Director: Morgan Neville
Cast: Fred Rogers, Joanne Rogers, Francois Scarborough Clemmons, ...
You Don't Nomi

You Don’t Nomi is a 2019 documentary that takes a fond look back at the deservedly derided Paul Vehoeven/Joe Eszterhas box office bomb, Showgirls. Although director Jeffrey McHale approaches the retrospective from a decidedly subjective poin...

Run Time: 1:29
U.S. Release Date: 2020-06-09
MPAA Rating: "NR" (Sexual Content, Nudity, Profanity)
Genre: Documentary
Director: Jeffrey McHale
Cast: Jeffrey Conway, Haley Mlotek, Adam Nayman, ...
Young @ Heart

When I think of the musical associations of men and women in their golden years, the names that come to mind are Benny Goodman, Frank Sinatra, and maybe Herb Alpert or Neil Sedaka. I wouldn't connect a white-haired old lady with Sonic Youth, Coldp...

Run Time: 1:47
U.S. Release Date: 2008-04-11
MPAA Rating: "PG" (Nothing Objectionable)
Director: Stephen Walker
Cast: Bob Cilman, Eileen Hall, Steve Martin, ...