2002 Toronto International Film Festival

Welcome to ReelViews' coverage of the 27th Annual Toronto International Film Festival, for 2002. All updates are available through this menu:

Feature Movie Titles Included
(If Applicable)
Update Date
 Update #1:  
 Festival Overview 
  Sept. 5 
 Update #2:  
"Long Lines and Red Carpets"
  Sept. 6 
 Update #3:  
"A Many Splendored Thing"
 Talk to Her, The Secretary, The Idol 
  Sept. 7 
 Update #4:  
 Auto Focus, Sweet Sixteen, Laurel Canyon 
  Sept. 9 
 Update #5:  
"Mediocre Mainstream"
 White Oleander, Frida, The Four Feathers, Moonlight Mile 
  Sept. 10 
 Update #6:  
"The Festival Remembers"
 Heaven, Assassination Tango, 9/11/01 
  Sept. 11 
 Update #7:  
"For the Children"
 Lilya 4-Ever, Evelyn 
  Sept. 12 
 Update #8:  
"Speaking in Tongues"
 Adolphe, Sex Is Comedy, Eight Women, Shaolin Soccer, Bubba Ho-Tep 
  Sept. 13 
 Update #9:  
"Last Servings"
 Personal Velocity, Phone Booth, Tuck Everlasting 
  Sept. 14 

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