2003 Toronto International Film Festival

Welcome to ReelViews' coverage of the 28th Annual Toronto International Film Festival, for 2003. Daily updates will be available through this menu from September 4, 2003 through September 13, 2003:

Feature Movie Titles Included
(If Applicable)
Update Date
 Update #1:  
"Things Guessed At, But Not Always Seen"
 Festival Overview 
  Sept. 4 
 Update #2:  
"After the Decline"
 The Barbarian Invasions 
  Sept. 5 
 Update #3:  
"Feeling Bad About Feeling Good"
 Valentin, The School of Rock 
  Sept. 6 
 Update #4:  
"Lost and Found"
 Lost in Translation, The Human Stain, The Cooler 
  Sept. 7 
 Update #5:  
"Bumps in the Road"
 Casa de los Babys, Out of Time, My Life Without Me 
  Sept. 8 
 Update #6:  
"Hard Boiled"
 The Singing Detective, Veronica Guerin, I'm Not Scared 
  Sept. 9 
 Update #7:  
"Full Frontal"
 In the Cut, Young Adam, Wonderland 
  Sept. 10 
 Update #8:  
"Darker Moods"
 I'll Sleep When I'm Dead, Shattered Glass, 11:14 
  Sept. 11 
 Update #9:  
"Foreign Tastes"
 Girl with a Pearl Earring, Facing Window, Haute Tension, Jeux d'enfants, Nathalie..., Bon Voyage 
  Sept. 12 
 Update #10:  
"Last Rites"
 Code 46, The Brown Bunny, Danny Deckchair 
  Sept. 13 

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