2006 Toronto International Film Festival

Welcome to ReelViews' coverage of the 30th Annual Toronto International Film Festival, for 2006. Daily updates will be available through this menu from September 7, 2006 through September 17, 2006:

Feature Movie Titles Included
(If Applicable)
Update Date
 Update #1:  
"Seein' in the Rain"
 Festival Overview 
  Sept. 7 
 Update #2:  
"First Fruits"
 Volver, The Last Kiss, Renaissance 
  Sept. 8 
 Update #3:  
"The Missing Thumb"
 Short Bus, Infamous 
  Sept. 9 
 Update #4:  
"The Good Stuff"
 Babel, Stranger than Fiction, Time 
  Sept. 10 
 Update #5:  
 A Good Year, Candy, All the King's Men 
  Sept. 11 
 Update #6:  
"A Shower of Yellow Dots"
 Pan's Labyrinth, Little Chidren, Venus, The Last King of Scotland 
  Sept. 12 
 Update #7:  
"True or False"
 Death of a President, For Your Consideration, Confetti 
  Sept. 13 
 Update #8:  
"War Zones"
 Black Book, Rescue Dawn 
  Sept. 14 
 Update #9:  
"The Not-So-Good Stuff"
 Starter for Ten, Breaking and Entering, The Fountain 
  Sept. 15 
 Update #10:  
"The Comfy Chair"
 10 Items or Less, Outsourced 
  Sept. 16 
 Update #11:  
"Regrets, I've Had a Few..."
  Sept. 17 

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