2001 Sundance Film Festival

Welcome to ReelViews' coverage of the 2001 Sundance Film Festival. The festival officially runs from January 18 through January 28. Coverage will begin on January 18 and will continue through to the end of the festival . Due to time and logistical constraints, updates will be provided approximately every other day (instead of every day). All are available through this menu:

 Feature   Movie Titles Included 
(If Applicable)
 Update Date 
 Daily Update #1: 
 "Shots in the Dark" 
 Festival Overview 
 Jan 18 
 Daily Update #2: 
 "A Tale of Two Festivals" 
 Sexy Beast, Angels of the Universe 
 Jan 20 
 Daily Update #3: 
 "A Funny Thing Happened Half-Way Through the Movie" 
 My First Mister, Donnie Darko 
 Jan 22 
 Daily Update #4: 
 "The Game's Afoot" 
 Possible Worlds, Jack the Dog, The Caveman's Valentine, Memento 
 Jan 24 
 Daily Update #5: 
 "Fact Is Stranger?" 
 Go Tigers!, The Natural History of the Chicken, Fuckland, Chopper, Green Dragon, 101 Reykjavik 
 Jan 26 
 Daily Update #6: 
 "Veterans' Days" 
 Enigma, Together, Waking Life, Tape, The Business of Strangers 
 Jan 27 
 Daily Update #7: 
 "A Dull Thud" 
 Festival Wrap-Up 
 Jan 28 

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