1998 Sundance Film Festival Sampler

Welcome to ReelViews' (limited) coverage of the 1998 Sundance Film Festival. The festival runs from January 15 through January 25. Rather than attempt any sort of "complete" coverage (which can be found in almost any major newspaper or movie-related web site), I'm going to hit some of the highlights, including a few reviews and general commentaries. My intention is to put up about 3 or 4 features, beginning on Monday (January 19) and concluding around the end of the Festival. All new material will be listed here as it becomes available.

  1. Update #1 (January 19, 1998)

  2. Update #2 (January 21, 1998)

  3. Update #3 (January 23, 1998)

  4. Review: Sliding Doors (January 24, 1998)

  5. Update #4 (January 25, 1998)

For additional Sundance coverage, see Harlan Jacobson's Talk Cinema site, with 1998 Sundance updates.

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