1999 Toronto International Film Festival

Welcome to ReelViews' coverage of the 1999 Toronto International Film Festival. The festival runs from September 9 through September 18. Coverage begins on September 6 with several full-length reviews (including one of the Opening Night film, Felicia's Journey. Beginning on September 9, an update (featuring thoughts, commentary, and capsule reviews) will be posted daily until September 19. Immediately after the festival (and, time permitting, during it - although that seems unlikely), several full-length reviews of notable films will be posted. Coverage will officially end on October 2, 1999. Be sure to check back regularly. So far, these choices are available:

Feature Movie Titles Included
(If Applicable)
Update Date
Full Length Review: Felicia's Journey (Opening Night)         6 Sep '99
Full Length Review: American Beauty (Gala)         6 Sep '99
Full Length Review: Guinevere (World Cinema)         6 Sep '99
Full Length Review: Me Myself I (Gala)         6 Sep '99
Daily Update #1: "And They're Off..."   Festival Overview    9 Sep '99
Daily Update #2: "Early Galas"   Felicia's Journey, Me Myself I,
American Beauty
   10 Sep '99
Daily Update #3: "Sundance Goes North"   Mr. Death, Guinevere, Judy Berlin,
Happy Texas, Tumbleweeds, The Item
   11 Sep '99
Daily Update #4: "Old Friends"   Gregory's Two Girls, Dogma    12 Sep '99
Daily Update #5: "Coming Soon... (Part One)"   Mumford, The Emperor and the Assassin, The Limey    13 Sep '99
Daily Update #6: "Life During Wartime (Part One)"   The Cider House Rules, Snow Falling on Cedars, Sunshine    14 Sep '99
Daily Update #7: "Pro-Catholic?"   The Third Miracle    15 Sep '99
Daily Update #8: "Midweek Potpourri"   All the Rage, The Big Brass Ring, Romance    15 Sep '99
Daily Update #9: "Obscure Treasures"   Le Petit Voleur, Annaluise and Anton, Pas de Scandale, The Life Before This    16 Sep '99
Daily Update #10: "Coming Soon... (Part Two)"   Breakfast of Champions, Sweet and Lowdown, The War Zone, 8 1/2 Women, Princess Mononoke, The Hurricane    17 Sep '99
Daily Update #11: "Life During Wartime (Part Two)"   The Legend of 1900, Jakob the Liar, Moloch    18 Sep '99
Daily Update #12: "Bring Down the Curtain"   Onegin, Simpatico, Gamera 3, Music of the Heart, Anywhere But Here    19 Sep '99
Full Length Review: Jakob the Liar (Gala)         21 Sep '99
Full Length Review: Breakfast of Champions (Special Presentation)         23 Sep '99
Full Length Review: Mumford (Gala)         23 Sep '99
Full Length Review: Romance (Contemporary World Cinema)         23 Sep '99
Full Length Review: The Limey (Special Presentation)         28 Sep '99
Full Length Review: Onegin (Closing Night Gala)         28 Sep '99
Full Length Review: Third Miracle (Special Presentation)         28 Sep '99
Full Length Review: Dogma (Special Presentation)         29 Sep '99
Full Length Review: The War Zone (Contemporary World Cinema)         30 Sep '99

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