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Fly Me to the Moon

Throughout the course of its bloated (132 minutes, sheesh) length, Greg Berlanti’s Fly Me to the Moon never figures out what it wants to be. Is it a rom-com? A screwball comedy? A parody of conspiracy theorists and their crackpot hypotheses? A v...

Run Time: 2:12
U.S. Release Date: 2024-07-12
MPAA Rating: "PG-13" (Profanity)
Genre: Comedy
Director: Greg Berlanti
Cast: Scarlett Johansson, Channing Tatum, Woody Harrelson, ...
Janet Planet

Janet Planet explores the mother/daughter relationship between single mom Janet (Julianne Nicholson) and her strong-willed, socially awkward child, 11-year old Lacy (Zoe Ziegler). Although characterized by strong performances across-the-board, the...

Run Time: 1:50
U.S. Release Date: 2024-06-28
MPAA Rating: "PG-13" (Profanity, Drugs)
Genre: Drama
Director: Annie Baker
Cast: Julianne Nicholson, Zoe Ziegler, Elias Koteas, ...
Quiet Place, A: Day One

The prequel to John Krasinski’s horror/science fiction duo, A Quiet Place and A Quiet Place Part II, Day One offers a self-contained story that is different than the earlier films both in tone and intent. This is a moodier, more existential look ...

Run Time: 1:40
U.S. Release Date: 2024-06-28
MPAA Rating: "PG-13" (Violence, Disturbing Images)
Genre: Science Fiction/Horror
Director: Michael Sarnoski
Cast: Lupita Nyong’o, Joseph Quinn, Alex Wolff, ...
Weird: The Al Yankovic Story

“Weird” Al Yankovic took popular songs of the day and reworked them in his own image, using new lyrics to craft something that was both familiar and different, existing somewhere between satire and outright farce. Is it any surprise, then, tha...

Run Time: 1:48
U.S. Home Release Date: 2024-06-27
MPAA Rating: "PG-13" (Violence, Sexual Content)
Genre: Comedy
Director: Eric Appel
Cast: Daniel Radcliffe, Rainn Wilson, Julianne Nicholson, ...
Watchers, The

The Watchers, the feature debut of director Ishana Night Shyamalan, has the goods to assemble a compelling trailer. Sadly, it lacks the goods to make a compelling movie. With an uneven tone, a poorly constructed narrative, cheesy dialogue, stilted...

Run Time: 1:42
U.S. Release Date: 2024-06-07
MPAA Rating: "PG-13" (Violence, Disturbing Images)
Genre: Horror
Director: Ishana Night Shyamalan
Cast: Dakota Fanning, Georgina Campbell, Olwen Fouere, ...
Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes

Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes is a sequel/soft reboot of the Planet of the Apes cycle begun in 2011 with Rise of the Planet of the Apes and continued in 2014 and 2017 with Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and War for the Planet of the Apes. Tr...

Run Time: 2:25
U.S. Release Date: 2024-05-10
MPAA Rating: "PG-13" (Violence, Profanity)
Genre: Science Fiction/Adventure
Director: Wes Ball
Cast: Owen Teague, Freya Allan, Kevin Durand, ...
Fall Guy, The

The Fall Guy represents what a true “summer movie” should be: a light, fast-paced spectacle with likeable characters and a balance between action/eye candy and narrative elements. No one is going to call Drew Pearce’s screenplay a masterpiec...

Run Time: 2:06
U.S. Release Date: 2024-05-03
MPAA Rating: "PG-13" (Violence, Profanity)
Genre: Action/Comedy
Director: David Leitch
Cast: Ryan Gosling, Emily Blunt, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, ...
Batman Returns

The box office performance of Tim Burton’s 1989 Batman assured there would be sequel but Burton’s desire for greater creative control caused the production of Batman Returns to linger in development longer than Warner Brothers preferred. In ad...

Run Time: 2:06
U.S. Home Release Date: 2024-04-11
MPAA Rating: "PG-13" (Violence, Sexual Content)
Genre: Action/Adventure
Director: Tim Burton
Cast: Michael Keaton, Danny DeVito, Michelle Pfeiffer, ...
Greatest Hits, The

The Greatest Hits is a time-travel movie, but not a conventional one. Instead of someone stepping inside a time machine and emerging at a date in the past, this one involves the transfer of a consciousness into a body at an earlier time. There’s...

Run Time: 1:34
U.S. Release Date: 2024-04-05
MPAA Rating: "PG-13" (Profanity, Sexual Content)
Genre: Fantasy/Romance
Director: Ned Benson
Cast: Lucy Boynton, David Corenswet, Justin H. Min
Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire

For several entries, the series dubbed by Warner Brothers as the “Monsterverse” has been declining into Transformers territory. Godzilla x Kong marks the point at which that dreaded barrel-bottom has been reached. A numbing excursion into CGI ...

Run Time: 1:55
U.S. Release Date: 2024-03-29
MPAA Rating: "PG-13" (Violence)
Genre: Science Fiction/Action
Director: Adam Wingard
Cast: Rebecca Hall, Brian Tyree Henry, Dan Stevens, ...