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Thanks for visiting the ReelViews forums.

FORUM USERS: In addition to the Terms & Conditions that you agreed to in order to create an account, we have developed new guidelines for these forums shown below; please read them before posting a new topic or reply.

1. Be civil. Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion. This forum has a zero-tolerance policy on personal attacks toward forum users. A certain amount of criticism of James Berardinelli or other public personalities is allowed as long as it does not become a personal attack. Anyone engaging in personal attacks will be moderated (meaning that a moderator will have to approve each post) or banned from the system.

1.a. Report Abuse. If you see something inappropriate, please contact a moderator. Our moderators will remove the item if they believe it goes against our Terms & Conditions.

1.b. No flame wars. If you see a post that is obviously designed to generate angry responses, contact a moderator and DO NOT RESPOND.

2. Stay on topic. A certain amount of leeway will be allowed, but please do not venture off on unrelated tangents. Topics or replies which do not belong will be moved elsewhere without notice to the author.

2.a. Before opening a new topic, check to see if someone else is already discussing your subject. Redundant topics will be merged without notice to the author.

3. DON’T YELL, PLEASE! Typing in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS is considered YELLING. Capitalizing (or using bold or large fonts) occasionally for emphasis is fine, but your entire post should used mixed case and normal fonts.

4. Use the View New Posts link to see what you’ve missed. This will save you time by keeping you up-to-date on all postings from all Forums since you last logged in. See our FAQ section for help.

5. If you see a technical problem or need to contact a moderator, use the "The Team" option (found near the bottom of the main page). That will provide you with contact information for all moderators and the administrator.

6. Use PG-13 language. Some limited profanity is allowed but posts with excessive profanity or vulgarity will be edited or deleted. Those repeatedly breaking this rule will be moderated or banned.

7. Don’t create multiple accounts - doing this can cause all of your account information to be permanently banned from the forum.

8. Please speak English. Because we moderate the forums to keep inappropriate posts offline, we need all posts to be in a language that all of our moderators can read. Posts not written in English will be deleted and the poster warned (even if the post does not contain inappropriate content).

9. Plagiarism is not allowed. All quotes must be sourced. Claiming someone else's writing to be your own in a bannable offense.

10. SPOILERS: First, it's necessary to define a "spoiler." This is problematic since there's no consistent definition. For purposes of these forums, consider it to be the revelation of any significant plot element. Be conservative when determining whether or not something is "significant." If you think something might be a spoiler, treat it as one.

For how long after a movie is released should something be considered a spoiler? Again, there's no clear answer. My rule-of-thumb is that the statute of limitations expires one year after a film's theatrical release (in the United States) or six months after its home video release, whichever comes later. For major plot developments, add another six months to a year. Again, err on the side of caution.

How to address SPOILERS in posts:
(1) If the thread specifically states "NO SPOILERS" in the subject/topic line, no spoilers can be in the posts, PERIOD.
(2) If there is no "SPOILER" or "NO SPOILER" designation in the subject/topic line, spoilers can be discussed, provided they are tagged using the "spoiler =" tag.
(3) If there is a "SPOILER" designation in the subject/topic line, spoilers can be discussed. While in this case, it is not mandatory to use the spoiler tag (since it is assumed there will be spoilers in the posts), it's still good etiquette to do so.

11. No self-Promotion. While it's okay to include links to outside websites (including as part of signatures), all external links should be relevant to the thread in question and should not be for the sole purpose of re-directing traffic to another website. Threads/links that are deemed by the moderators to be self-promotional will be edited or deleted.

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Forum locked This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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