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Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Nitpick Time 
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Post Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Nitpick Time
For the record, I liked DotPotA. Even if it's indeed a bit inevitable where things are heading, the movie imparted a lot of nuance and made a movie that was fully better than its predecessor. But there's no question that there are a few things that rankled me. And since I believe you can like a movie and acknowledge its flaws, I've decided to do so here.


Why are humans living in San Francisco? Sure, for the first few years living in a city would have been advantageous due to the ability to forage for supplies in the old world. Well, the corpses rotting would have been an issue, but lots and lots of canned food. But after 10 years? Cities would be a nightmare. No ability to produce crops, far fewer chances at catching live game, and (perhaps most crucially) no ready access to water. San Fran would be a deathtrap.

Why do the humans bring ape-hatin' psycho Carver back up to the ape-compound with them? There's a line about "Well, gosh, he's the only one who can do thing X so we need him to set up the dam," but then they make him sit in the car like a bad kid and fix the dam without him. So...yeah, plot issue there.

Why are the apes incredibly skilled gunfighters? They've literally never used firearms before, they're not the species that firearms were designed for, and yet they're excellent marksmen. Thankfully absolutely no one needs to reload in the movie, so they don't need to master that, but it makes no sense how good they are.

Where did all the damn dirty apes come from? It's been ten years and apes don't really reproduce very quickly. Surely some well-trained men with assault rifles and a damn tank should be able to handle them.

Why are the humans, with military backgrounds and a paranoia about the militarized apes, so lax with security? Any fool would at least put up some pickets or watchmen, right? Incidentally, I had the same problem with season one of The Walking Dead.

Lastly, I'm in no way a Bechtel Test warrior, but damn, could we maybe have a female ape do something? I read that Judy Greer "played" Cornelia, but come on, filmmakers, at least give her *something* to do other than almost die and be revived by antibiotics. Keri Russell wasn't exactly Ellen Ripley either, but the apes seemed essentially to be a one-gender society.

So that's what I got. Again, I liked the movie, but it had a lot of holes.

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Fri Jul 25, 2014 9:20 am
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Post Re: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Nitpick Time
JamesKunz wrote:
Not for a moment will anyone doubt that the apes are real.

I liked this movie, so I'm not just nitpicking here, but I don't know if JB's eyes are different than mine if he believes the above statement. The apes look like really good special effects, to be sure, but when they move they're clearly CGI creatures.

Please, thank you. I might be the most jaded mainstream film goer in the world at the moment, so perhaps I'm nitpicking all the time, but if you think these apes look remotely real (or you didn't wonder how good the CGI was) when they were moving, then I must've watched a different film. Apart from when they were riding on the horses, gees that looked real. :roll:

This maybe the most insane thing I've ever seen JB write in a review.

James Berardinelli wrote:

One can argue whether Serkis is deserving of a Best Actor nomination for his work here but his overall importance to genre films since the turn of the century is undeniable and some kind of special Oscar is unquestionably deserved.

Who the fuck would you argue that with? Maybe this guy http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000355/?ref_=tt_cl_t6

I really tried to like this film too, the CGI was as good as I've seen and the 3D was impeccable. But where would you start if you wanted to analyse it more deeply than it simply having an ape as the (Super) hero. The pacing was so boring I wondered if it was ever going to get going, the human relationship with the apes was forced (could someone please tell me what the fuck the young kid was in the film for? If it was to parallel Caesar's child perhpas the human kid could've actually done something) and the final battle between Caesar and Koba felt like any number of 35 super hero fight scenes I've watched in the past five years. What's the difference between Edward Norton playing Hulk in that fight scene he has at the end against Tim Roth's Blonsky, or any other fight scene with CGI junk where the hero beats the villain? If Ceasor said SMASH it would've been more subtle than him throwing the Emperor, sorry I mean Koba into that Return of the Jedi black endless hole.

I thought Man of Steel outdid every superhero film cliche until this nonsense came out.

I can’t believe most people found this superior to Rise of the Planet of the Apes. The CGI was much better, some Ape expressions were amazing, but Rise was a much more heartfelt film that built and built until the credits rolled after 105 minutes. I didn’t want Rise to end, yet was wrapped when Dawn did, it was just to fucking long.

[Reveal] Spoiler:
And if we wanted to talk plot holes or the most obvious shit a 14 year old would pick up on. Did anyone think Caesar was actually dead when he was shot once and fell off a tree or whatver it was?
Kind of handy too how his former house remained, he found his way back to it and find that old video footage of him and James Franco. A real tear jerker.

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Fri Jul 25, 2014 12:22 pm
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Post Re: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Nitpick Time
Agreed on most fronts, I also found the human element more absorbing in the first film, the humans here for the most part just weren't nearly as interesting as those in the first film. I would've hoped to have Franco and Freida Pinto return instead of going with an entirely new group of characters.

Fri Jul 25, 2014 2:41 pm
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Post Re: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Nitpick Time
Rise of the Apes was the most passive thing i've seen in a theatre.

I'm just shit on the film front at the moment. I'm moving house. I'm studying. I watched Orange is the New Black. I watched the World Cup.

I can't recall when I last watched a new film.

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Sat Jul 26, 2014 4:08 pm
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