2000 Toronto International Film Festival

Welcome to ReelViews' coverage of the 2000 Toronto International Film Festival. Daily Updates ran throughout the festival, from September 7 through 16. All are available through this menu:

Feature Movie Titles Included
(If Applicable)
Update Date
Daily Update #1:
"The Fall Through Summer's Back Door"
 Festival Overview 
 Sep 7 
Daily Update #2:
"Contenders and Pretenders"
 Dr. T and the Women, Girlfight, Billy Elliot, The Contender, Urbania 
 Sep 8 
Daily Update #3:
"Line Stories"
 The Weight of Water 
 Sep 9 
Daily Update #4:
"Send In the Clowns"
 Best In Show, You Can Count On Me, Angels of the Universe, Swedish Beauty 
 Sep 10 
Daily Update #5:
"Reel Views"
 Shadow of the Vampire, When Brendan Met Trudy 
 Sep 11 
Daily Update #6:
"Back For More"
 Liam, The Luzhin Defence, Suspicious River, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon  
 Sep 12 
Daily Update #7:
"Of Stalkers, Warriors, and Princesses"
 Attraction, The Princess and the Warrior  
 Sep 13 
Daily Update #8:
"Switching Sides - When Actors Direct"
 Attraction, Beautiful, Pollock, Chinese Coffee 
 Sep 14 
Daily Update #9:
"Dreaming and Dancing"
 Requiem for a Dream, Born Romantic, Dancing at the Blue Iguana 
 Sep 15 
Daily Update #10:
"Code of Honor" [Final Update]
 Men of Honor, The Yards, The Widow of Saint-Pierre, Bread and Roses, The Truth About Tully, In the Mood for Love, Sexy Beast / Festival Wrap-Up 
 Sep 16 

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