2004 Toronto International Film Festival

Welcome to ReelViews' coverage of the 29th Annual Toronto International Film Festival, for 2004. Daily updates will be available through this menu from September 9, 2004 through September 18, 2004:

Feature Movie Titles Included
(If Applicable)
Update Date
 Update #1:  
"Laying to Rest the Summer of Discontent"
 Festival Overview 
  Sept. 9 
 Update #2:  
"Raising the Curtain"
 Being Julia 
  Sept. 10 
 Update #3:  
"Hall of Memories"
 I Heart Huckabees, The Machinist, Dear Frankie 
  Sept. 11 
 Update #4:  
"Defining Independents"
 The Woodsman, Silver City, A Dirty Shame 
  Sept. 12 
 Update #5:  
"Animated Entertainment"
 The House of Flying Daggers, Shark Tale, Millions 
  Sept. 13 
 Update #6:  
"The Three Cheadles"
 Hotel Rwanda, Crash, The Assassination of Richard Nixon 
  Sept. 14 
 Update #7:  
"Best of the Fest"
 Sideways, Moolaadé, Downfall 
  Sept. 15 
 Update #8:  
"Where to Go from Here"
 P.S., Palindromes 
  Sept. 16 
 Update #9:  
"Spanish Masters"
 Bad Education, The Sea Inside 
  Sept. 17 
 Update #10:  
"Last Rites"
 Ray, 5x2, Return to Sender, Hole in the Heart, Old Boy 
  Sept. 18 

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