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One of the great strengths of Quentin Tarantino's ...

For most superhero franchises, the third movie is ...

Disconnect, Henry Alex Rubin's meditation on how ...

Run Time: 1:35
U.S. Release Date: 2012-09-21
MPAA Rating: "R" (Violence, Profanity, Sexual Content, Drugs)
Director: Pete Travis
Cast: Karl Urban, Olivia Thirlby, Lena Headey, Wood Harris

Originally, Dredd, the second motion picture ...

The most disappointing aspect of Deadfall is its ...

Run Time: 1:23
U.S. Release Date: 2012-05-16
MPAA Rating: "R" (Profanity, Sexual Content, Nudity)
Director: Larry Charles
Cast: Sacha Baron Cohen, Anna Faris, Jason Mantzoukas, Ben Kingsley

One of the cleverest moments in Sacha Baron Cohen'...