"Origin" offers plenty to ponder and argue; the result is powerful and compelling.

Run Time: 1:45
U.S. Release Date: 2023-12-22
MPAA Rating: "R" (Sexual Content, Profanity, Drugs)
Genre: Drama/Fantasy
Director: Andrew Haigh
Cast: Andrew Scott, Paul Mescal, Jamie Bell, Claire Foy

Although aspects have a cheesy flavor, the raw honesty of the best moments propel the narrative through its less credible pitstops.

An uncommonly perceptive and thought-provoking procedural that ponders the unknowability of any objective truth.

Feels like it was mostly constructed in post-production, with CGI working hand-in-hand with editing to fashion something borderline-coherent.

The chemistry between leads Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell is a selling point but there are times when the screenplay seems a little on the mushy side.

This is high-octane showmanship but one can be justified wondering whether that represents the best choice for this material.

Sentimental without being saccharine, this based-on-history account offers likeable characters in a well-structured narrative.

As a well-acted standard-order bio-pic, "Ferrari" delivers but as something more, it falls short.

This is an American tragedy. Although the participants may be famous, the demons they fight in their intimate moments are familiar and relatable.

A breathtaking motion picture that enthralls across the length of its 140+ minute running time.